Brand New for 2016 - The 25SP Programmable Shaft Encoder and the 25SF!
01 November 2016 12:16

High Performance

  • 1 to 65,536 PPR Resolution.
  • 2.7 MHz Max Frequency.
  • 47 Arc Seconds Accuracy.
  • Clean Waveform at Any Resolution.


  • 32 Waveform Options.
  • Multiple Index Widths, Polarity and Gating Options.
  • 6 Output Types.
  • 5-30 Vcc.

Mechanical Options

  • Several Industry Standard Servo and Flange Mount Options.
  • Metric and Imperial Shaft Options.
  • Six Connector Choices with either Axial or Radial Location.


  • Dual Bearings with 36Kg Axial/Radial Load Rating.
  • Up to IP67 Shaft Sealing.
  • Dual O-Ring Housing Seals.


  • Field Programmer enables USB Interface.
  • Connects to Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet.
  • Easy to Use Point and Click Interface.
  • Program the Resolution, Waveform, Index Alignment and Output Circuit.
  • Password Protected.
  • Diagnostic Tools.

How it Works

  • Optical Incremental Encoder.
  • Interpolated Resolution Derived From a FIxed Resolution Disc.
  • EPC's Proprietary ASIC and Programming Algorithm Calculates Resolution From Sine Wave.
  • Programmed Information Written to Internal Memory and Password Protected.
  • EPC's Firmware Permits USB Interface with PC.

25SF - Factory Programmed Encoder

  • Factory Programmed by EPC.
  • Same Configuration Options and Performance Specifications as the 25SP but with Fixed Resolution, waveform and Output.
  • Can Only be Reprogrammed by EPC.
  • Suitable for Those Who Only Require One Resolution.





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